Saturday, May 12, 2007

Community Garden

Ok these photos are from a while ago I just took forever getting them sorted out. These are from the very first day of the gardening season for the Eglinton Park Heritage Community Garden. I've been going to that park for years and it turns out where I always sat was more or less right next to the garden and yet I never noticed it. So I'm really excited because since university I've always wanted to be part of a community garden.

Right but these photos are from the first day of the year when we cleaned up the garden from the winter time - weeded, aerated, etc... The day I got heat(sun? what's the difference) stroke yay! other than that it was a great day.

I have a cool photo stitch shot that I set up while there so you can see the whole thing. However a) I forgot to take an after pic. but still cool. I think I'll do one each time I go so that you can actually see it grow. that's the current plan anyway

b) I haven't got around to installing the actual canon photostitch program

all that green stuff is garlic. there was so SO much garlic. I love garlic in a garden, I love the whole idea of it, I love the colour and I love the actual garlic

that side of the garden was absolutely insane. these were part way through the day and compared to the photo up top you can see how much work we had done by this point


their website:
my flicker for the garden:
article written about the clean up day:

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