Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jumper on the band wagon :)

So I really like those jumper style tanks and dresses that are popping up everywhere
I like the look of the ones gathered in front but question how it'd look on my. So I tried making one
one of the straps is too wide (oops) and I think I gathered it TOO much in the front. next time i'll gather it less and only gather it in the centre, not the whole width (it make me look a tad well preggo shall we say - actually when I eat my tummy balloons right out and it seriously looked like I was pregs last night. the boy face didn't appreciate me saying "look at ma bebe!" repeatedly so much...)

right so here's the shirt with a couple of different ways of wearing it:
(excuse the silly faces, I'm really bad at posing for photos)

The original style - no belt but can wear belt as a headband or necklace-scarf thingie...

with some waist definition:

with the low hip belt, kind of ancient greek-esque no? would look better with a wide brown hip belt me thinks

The high waist/under bust belt

ugh that too wide strap is really noticeable and now it's bugging me. sigh it's going to be SUCH a pain to fix! Times like these that I hate being a careless crafter...


Blogger mishka said...

I love it! Love. It. It looks great on you and the colour makes your eyes practically pop off the screen. The high waist variation is my favourite. And the too-wide strap? Meh. I doubt anyone will notice. Besides, beauty in flaws and all that stuff. :)

Yay you, crafty girl!

4:19 p.m.  

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