Sunday, April 29, 2007

what a struggle

What a struggle indeed. Mostly to do with my stupidity and lack of attention paid to details. I've been working on this quilted heating pad cover for a swap. And it was looking so pretty, with its variety of pink fleece and flannel prints! and I measured and measured again after my fiasco with making a shirt that I clearly didn't measure at all and which ended up not coming anywhere close to fitting me

So all that was left was to add the zipper which I bought today, even though I had made the actually item like 1 week ago. This is when I realize...I've sewed 3 of the sides shut already...Needless to say it was a huge HUGE struggle and ended only after I unstitched the whole zipper after 1 try, added in more fabric and broke my needle (!!!!) because I forgot I was in overlock stitch and it hit the zipper foot and flew in my FACE!!!!!!!

It still looked a little weird because it was a 12" zipper for a 15" length. So after trying a couple of things I finally arrived at what I feel (read: hope) is a suitable solution.

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