Monday, January 15, 2007


Ah yes, yet another crafting/knitting/look how cute my cats are blog.

The truth is that I started this blog for 2 real reasons:
1. because i wanted a blog titled "your face is where blogs go to die";
2. to keep me on track with my projects

the thing is that since i discovered that I can watch The Office online my projects have been suffering. horribly. and then I watched all 3 seasons of the US Office and all the seasons of the UK Office. So alas I could get back to work. but NO i HAD to discover Zelda which it turns out I was horribly deprived of and was really missing out on. And so I hijacked the BoyFace's Gameboy (the very one I mocked him so much for buying) and preceded to play Zelda nonstop for, well, a very long time

Anyway, just needed a starting post to see what my template looks like

I'll post more eventually. probably not all that often. maybe not even at all. we'll see