Sunday, June 03, 2007

firstly Rogers sucks

Ok I haven't blogged ina long while but I meant to post this when it happened...

So my internet just stopped working one Tuesday and with it my phone since we have Vonage - a broadband phone.

So I call Rogers to have them come and fix it. They refuse because since I don't have a phone there is no way for them to conirm someone is home and thus no one will actually come. So after being transfered among different people finally they agreed to come that Friday sometime between 11:00 and 2:00 (previously they said between 9 and 5) and that they would put in a confirmation code so the person would just come without calling.

So...I take Friday off work and wait. and wait. and wait. finally at 2:15 I call from a pay phone to ask why no one came. I am informed that they called and since no one was home they didn't come. So I once again explain that I have no phone because the internet is not woring, he confirms that yes they put in the code so the guy would come anyway. So why didn't he come? Because I don't have a phone. So we continue in this circle for about 20 minutes (I wish I was joking), and then 10 mnutes after that is this "customer service" guy blaming me saying that I should have a cell phone and really it's my own fault for not having a cell phone. So I said you know what? I'm switching providers this is ridiculous. He blames me a bit more and I give him an out saying give me the month for free and we're fine; but he refuses.

Finally Saturday some guy comes (I had to use my parents as the confirmation number), this guy is really good and nice. He looks at the cable to see what's wrong. want to know what was wrong?

well when the Rogers people came to connect my neighbour's cable they decided to just cut our cable. Not even joking, it was just a clean cut straight across.

So in short, Rogers is the worst service provider ever and I am switching when my contract is up at the end of the month.


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