Saturday, April 21, 2007

nice weather :(

Well I have a ridiculous amount to do over this next week starting with a lot to do today

This morning was my first morning at the Eglinton Community Centre Heritage Garden at Eglinton and Avenue Road...It was also really sunny and definitely in the 20s temperature wise. Plus side: beautiful, amazing day perfect for gardening. Down side: i'm pretty suree I got heat stroke. I could hardly walk to the subway station which was a block away. and then when i got home I just lay in bed for a couple of hours. Not conducive with getting a lot done like originally planned...

but at 5:30pm i'm kinda getting back on my feet and out of the groggies...hopefully at least.

i'm working on a graphic design project that I had hoped to finish last night but was way too tired last night to even begin to do anything about. And then I'm going to post some pics of my WIP for the OWS21 happening on Hoping by tonight to finish that and a 1920s inspired shirt I'm making for this jazz thing i'm going to tomorrow evening (Sonic Bloom - spoken word to jazz).

Then after i'm done that I can start working on the communications plan I'm supoosed to be meeting about tomorrow at noon.

GAH!!!!! back to work!

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