Friday, April 06, 2007

Tool swap!

Through I joined the Heavy Music Swap. My partner wanted Tool items. It was kinda frustrating because 1. how many band-related items can you really make? I mean other than the standard t-shirt right? 2. I rely heavily on wists to figure out what my partner will like and, well, she didn't have one.

So yeah, hopefully she'll like what I made. I like it at least. Well I like the wristlet (I freaking love wristlets) and the cuff the best. I tried some fancy stitching detail on the cuff. Had serious issues with the button hole though as I forgot how to make one (i've only really made one before) and it took a couple of tries and redos. I went for a frayed look on the button hole fabric, a style I'm into and taht I felt Tool-ized the cuff a bit...(you have to click the pic to see an actual good version of the photo - sorry bout that)

The doll is meant to be Maynard - I copied the idea of a doll from someone who did a tool swap previously. Her's is more Maynard like though and can be seen here. My doll looks more Howard Stern-esque sadly. Based off this pic. The wig and clothes are removable
But yeah, really unhappy with how his face turned out. like at all. sigh. well i guess it's way too late to make another since I'm sending out in the morning...



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