Sunday, April 08, 2007

block party!

Wow what a cheesy post title, I know.

Here are the first set of blocks i've ever made! I'm so excited about them
one more and I can send them off to my swap partner

The one to the left is quite upside down in that it's, well upside down, and the pink stripe-y fabric shuld be on the left hand side.

This was great as a way to test out quilting and see how I feel about it. I'm sooo inspired to make a quilt for myself now! Although I'm concerned it'll take my whole life considering how long these took me. Though I guess by the end I was going much faster. I'm thinking a quilt in the green/blue fabrics (that I posted earlier with the ones I made these blocks out of) will go great in my bedroom as a summer blankets. My bedroom feels very unfinished or something as of now. The walls are a minty type of green, navy/off white bedding situation and white/birch furniture. I've been thinking fabric pieces canopy-esque from the ceiling. But rather than a canopy that comes down, it'll be more a billowy, multi layered and textured covering of my ceiling - in a variety of prints and chifons. though i'm a bit concerned about dust buildup because of my weird allergies I seem to have developed. Also been wanting to do a mural for a long time. Trees budding in the spring with birds and butterflies or that flow-y, curly line style.


where was I going with this? Right, the quilt will add a nice touch of something to the bedroom, hopefully helping to make it a bit more finished. and will go well with the other decor plans I have in mind. Especially if some of he fabrics are included in the ceiling refashioning.

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