Friday, April 06, 2007

clean, clean, CRAFT

Yep. THAT'S my bedroom/where I keep all my sewing supplies. That photo with the floor by the radiator? That was all just garbage. How disgusting is that??? I blame the Space Bunny and the cats. The cats tend to chew the blinds up and the Space Bunny has taken on my disgusting habit of leaving used tissues everywhere. The black cat is Pixie who likes to get in the way a lot and did a nice job of blending in to the chaos. Let me tell you, when your crafting stuff looks like this? When where you LIVE looks like this? You don't really feel like doing much. Really zaps the life and motivation out of you. I cleaned up a bit but it's still in process. Will show pics of how clean and organized I'm sure (read: hoping) it'll look when i'm done :)

I had plans, really I did. But then it turned out that my walls didn't support shelves a small apartment that really doesn't help organization matters at all.

I HAD steely resolve to only buy what I needed for an immediate project, finish that project and then start over. No UFOs, no long standing WIPs, no NUMEROUS WIPs


then Fabricland Fabricland kept have "once in a lifetime sales" (note the 2 Fabricland bags on the floor, strewn amongst the mess) and yeah...
you'd think I'd have figured out by now that they have such sales every other week...but they won't always have the fabric I want right NOW right? right?



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